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I guess I would describe myself as a regular, down to earth, home grown guy that does what he does to get by and survive the rat race we all live in.  I grew up in a small town in upstate NY before ''leaving home" and moving to Colorado many years ago in search of something and apparently I found it because now I have a wife, a couple kids, a house and life in the fast lane.   

As you will see if you spend any amount of time reviewing some of the pages and articles here, I don't like to pay someone to do something that I feel I am plenty capable of doing myself, I do know my limits, and you should too.  My BMW is a great car, but holy shit is it expensive to have the dealer work on it.  After the warranty expired I realized that every time it went into the shop it was a grand plus a pop, well that isn't going to work, for me at least.  That's my hard earned money right down the tube.  I came to the realization that if I didn't have the tools to get the job done, I could go buy them, still have extra money in the end and the tools for many jobs to come.  A craftsman tool has a lifetime warranty you know....  That's pretty much how all the articles enclosed came about, I just started documenting stuff and now I have a library of photos and DIY documentation.  What can I say, when I get in the garage and turn on the music I'm in my element.  The Ninja is new so there hasn't been much maintenance needed, but for some reason I can't keep stuff stock, so I'll be documenting the transformation of this too.  I like to make the stuff I drive my own!

Although I only document the repairs and mods I do to my car or motorcycle other projects I've taken on are running CAT5 throughout our house, running more Coax cable throughout our house for our DirecTV dual tuner receivers, repainting the lower level bar / theater, painting my garage, carpeting the small unfinished storage area we have in the basement, building a storage shelf for our DVD and CD collection and many others I'm sure I've forgot about.

I'm also the house network admin / IT guy, LOL, maintaining and upgrading the router, switches and backup HDD that keep us connected.  I fix the PC's that go sour, maintain the MP3 music collection and rip the new CD's as we get them, I dick around with the blackberry's, installing and updating firmware / programs and try to teach the family how to use their devices.  Here in my world nobody understands the importance of updating firmware / programs and so on.  I guess I don't fully get it, but they release new versions for a reason, um yeah, it usually means it will fix a bug or maybe, just maybe it has a nice enhancement!! 

For fun, I like to hang out with my kids and can only hope they will turn out to be well rounded individuals with respect for others.  I dig live concerts, listening to music, football games, taking pictures and of course fixing and modding shit.  I can remember when I was a kid taking stuff apart and not always knowing how to get it back together, but hey that's life, and over time I figured it out.  I like to stay busy, sometimes finding stuff to do because I guess it keeps my mind off the shit in life that you don't always want to think about. 

Work?  I'll save that for another day.......

In closing, if you feel you've gained anything from the content I provide, maybe saved some money doing it yourself, saved a trip to a dealer or independent mechanic or just have more money than you need feel free to shoot me a donation via PayPal.  All donations will help defer the cost of this site.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my articles!

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