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Enjoy, and remember ALWAYS work safe and I assume NO RESPONSIBILTY for your actions, mechanical abilities or anything that may occur during the nature of any repair.

The Site Has Been Revamped With Added Features, Please Update Your Bookmarks Accordingly.  I have now finalized writing all the redirects, so all the old pages will automatically redirect to the new pages.



Here's what I've been up to, Timing Chain Guide[s] repair, more info to follow on the BMW 740 page:


UPDATE, March 2013: I have finally completed the revamp of the site. I have added a few nice features, so please update your bookmarks. All the old pages will stay around, but all links to the old pages will be updated to redirect to the new pages.  I have now finalized all the redirects for the old pages. Thank You.!

I'm not sure how you found my site, maybe a search engine, maybe someone sent you a link or maybe you just stumbled upon it...well, if you're in the mood grab a drink, throw on the reading glasses, click around and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I would assume your first thought is "What should you expect from this site" or "What am I going to see"? Well first, minus an explicit word here and there, it's a pretty safe bet everything is safe viewing. 

So the story goes, I've been documenting various stuff for years and have built quite a little library of docs and photos. Most of what you will see is what I would call "Very Detailed Info", because I have physically written several articles on the "how to" of things I've fixed or maybe built. I try and document everything the best I can, but as always readers will have questions, so for those please use the "Feedback" tab and please allow about a week or so for a response because I don't do this full time, nor am I addicted to it.....

One thing I ask though, know your limits, I know mine, and PLEASE work safe. Some of the things I've documented are pretty simple, but some of them are rather technical and if you don't feel comfortable, don't do it.

Well have fun clicking and reading what you'd like, feel free to send me a message if you have any ideas, requests or site suggestions.

Thanks for visiting.

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